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Orientation in a fast-moving world

International locational competition is intensifying, and this presents the cities and regions of Europe, as well as global cities and regions, with huge challenges. BAKBASEL addresses the resulting needs from two perspectives: On the one hand, the ongoing development of the region – you continue to develop your region strategically, want to achieve the optimum development for the region, and regularly verify the progress that has been made. On the other hand, it is also important to make the success of the region known – you raise the profile of your region in the world as an attractive place to do business. BAKBASEL supplies you with the foundations for both purposes, well-founded and tailored to your particular needs – topical, efficient, genuine and always fact-based.
Companies also feel the intensive locational competition – you as an entrepreneur are continuously obliged to select the best possible locations for research, management, production and sales markets. Make use of the comprehensive foundations that regions provide for optimum positioning, and for your locational decision-making too – topical, efficient, genuine and always fact-based.

  • Strategy
  • Sound foundations for a sustainable regional economic strategy
  • Benchmarking
    Identify your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to competing and reference regions
  • Cluster analysis
    Identify the economic hotspots in your region
  • Potential analysis
    Estimate the future prospects of your region
  • Smart specialisation
    Use the latest insights of regional economic research to develop your region with even greater focus
  • well-founded – fact-based – scientifically supported
  • Communication
  • Strong arguments for your economic region
  • Encouraging companies to settle
    Persuade potential investors about the strengths of your region
  • Your region on the map
    Shape your region and generate a collective sense of awareness and commitment to the region
  • Strategy
    Communicate your strategy and support its implementation
  • Media relations work
    Show the public the direction in which your region is determined to develop
  • fact-based – credible – tailored to the recipient
  • Monitoring
  • In tune with developments through current data and facts
  • Growth and prosperity
    Be aware of the position of your region and what you have achieved at all times
  • Locational attractiveness
    Spot changes in your regions` operating conditions more quickly, along with those in competing regions
  • Economic structure
    Retain an overview of the dynamic business world and structural change
  • Evaluation
    Check the development and success of your projects and strategies at any time, and make necessary adjustments
  • topical – efficient – comprehensive
  • Corporate services
  • Basis for decisions and recommendations for your company
  • Rate production sites
    Evaluate your current production sites
  • Identify new production sites
    Classify new production sites using consistent parameters
  • Prioritise sales markets
    Develop a catalogue of criteria and a shortlist for your future market development
  • Extend your product portfolio
    Use individual market and sector analyses to assess the potential demand for products
  • implementation-oriented - comparable – strategic

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